Our Organizations

Holy Name Society - The Holy Name Society of St. Paul Roman Catholic Church is dedicated to spreading God's light in the hearts and souls of men.  Founded over 100 years ago in the heart of Little Italy, the society's members are committed to continued unity and strength throughout our parish.

Rosary Altar Society - The Rosary Altar Society of St. Paul Roman Catholic Church is an organization of women in the parish who seek to enhance the spiritual, social and cultural life of our parish.  New members are always welcome.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist - St. Paul's provides qualified men and women with opportunities to act as extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist on Saturdays, Sundays and Holy Days.  This ministry is vital to the spiritual health and growth of the parish.  Come share in this wonderful ministry.

Ushers - The ushers at St. Paul's, otherwise known as Ministers of Hospitality, have been instrumental in seeing that Sunday and Holy Day liturgies run smoothly.  These men are responsible for hospitality, seating people, taking up the collection and for distribution of bulletins.  Sometimes they may act as gift bearers.  These are the first people to greet someone who may know nothing about our parish.  This ministry is for someone who can make others feel welcome and comfortable.

Lectors - St. Paul's is always looking for people who can proclaim the Word of God before the assembled faithful on Saturday, Sunday and Holy Day masses.  These are not professional readers, but rather, regular lay people who have a special talent for proclaiming the Word of God.  If you have a desire to be a part of this special ministry call the rectory or email

Collection Counters - Serve on a 2 person team to count the Sunday collection.

Cursillo - Cursillo is a Spanish word that means "short course." The full title for Cursillo mean "Short Course in Christianity." The primary objectives of the Cursillo Movement at St. Paul Roman Catholic Church is to develop in adult Christians a consciousness of their role to bring Christ to their families, the places they work and socialize, and to sustain them as they live their walk of faith.  The "Christianizing of Environments" is what the Cursillo Movement is all about.

Bingo - The Bingo of St. Paul's Church in Erie, Pa is an organization of men and women in the parish who seek to raise funds for parish activities.  Our Bingo helps to serve this function and takes place every Thursday in the St. Paul Social Center.

Legion of Mary - Legion of Mary is a world wide organization of Catholic men and women who offer their services to their pastor to aid him in performing spiritual works within the parish. In doing so, the members devote themselves to Mary so that, with her help, they may develop a greater holiness in their own lives as well as spread a deeper devotion to her among others. The Legion of Mary gives an opportunity for dedicating oneself to Mary's service, whereby love for her will be transformed into action such as hospital visitation.

Pastoral Council - As representatives of the parish community and functioning in an advisory capacity, the Pastoral Council assumes responsibility for the advancement of the parish's mission. The Pastoral Council must discern the needs of the parish community and give direction to the parish by prayerful reflection and a continuous process of planning and evaluation. The Executive Committee determines the agenda for the monthly pastoral council meetings. The officers are available for consultation by the pastor at all times. Policies and programs are delegated to the commissions concerned. The committees, organizations and groups under these commissions serve as the channel through which the Council implements its policies and programs.